What are the uses of DataScience

What is data science? 

Data Science is the field of joining excellent analytics methods, and scientific principles to obtain important knowledge from data for marketing decision-making, necessary preparation, and other uses. Learn Data Science Course in Chennai at FITA Academy and learn advanced knowledge on Data Science. Here in this blog, we describe What are the uses of DataScience? 

Data science usually has a five-stage of a life cycle:

  • Communicate: Data Visualization, Business Intelligence, decision marking.
  • Analyze Predictive Analysis, Text Mining, Qualitative Analysis. 
  • Capture: Data Entry, Data acquisition, Signal reception, Data extraction.
  • Maintain Data Cleansing, Data Warehousing, Data Architecture, Data Processing. 
  • Process: Data Modeling, Data Mining, Data Summarization.

What are the uses of DataScience?

Here we describe, How businesses are managing data science to Develop the sectors, make new products. Learn the Data Science Online Course at FITA Academy from your home desk with the help of well-experienced tutors. 


Data science has managed to a number of inventions in the healthcare industry. Medical professionals are discovering different new methods to recognize the disease, effective preventive medicine, diagnose infections actively, and investigate new custom benefits.    

Self-Driving Cars

Ford, Volkswagen, and Tesla are implementing predictive analytics in the new wave of independent agencies. By using machine learning, data science, predictive analytics, can change the limit of speed, help to avoid the dangerous lane, and help to drop the passengers safely and fastly.    


Data Science and Machine learning technology help to save the financial industry. 

Example: Natural Language processing, this technology help to process the extra vital data, JP Morgan’s Contract Intelligence [COiN]. The fintech companies like Paypal, Stripe, and investing the data science to perform computer learning machines that immediately identify and intercept fraudulent actions. 


Data science is helpful in each application, it may be the most powerful in cybersecurity. General cybersecurity firm Kaspersky is applying data science and machine learning to identify above 360,000 new examples of malware on a regular basis. Enroll in Data Science Courses in Bangalore at FITA Academy and learn the concept of the course professionally under expert guidance with certification.

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