RPA Training in Velachery

Are you in search of the best RPA Course in Velachery? Then FITA Academy is the right place where you have to step in to learn the RPA software professionally under industry experts.

RPA Training in Velachery

Course Highlights and Why RPA Course in Velachery at FITA Academy?

Training is provided by highly experienced professionals with a wide knowledge in Robotic Process Automation.

RPA trainers are well equipped with the recent techniques and train the students with industry relevant skills.
During the Training sessions students are given hands on knowledge about the tool, which helps the students to understand their concepts better.
Sophisticated class rooms and effective training provided at a nominal cost.
Students are given individual projects and tasks for the purpose of assessment which also builds their understanding and self-confidence.
Flexible timing for batches on weekdays, weekends, and Fastrack RPA Training in Velachery.
In FITA Academy, our trainers provide complete market-relevant training and assists students with their resume preparation.
Provides 100% placement assurance to the students.

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RPA is a trending technological stunner that is used by many enterprises for automating their repetitive tasks and processes. Robots are configured to emulate and consolidate all the human action for executing a business process.

Need for RPA

Every organization is aiming at automation of its business processes in some way or the other to reduce the time and effort consumed in handling repetitive tasks. These tasks are usual and need to be executed on a regular basis in a regular pattern. RPA has powerful automation abilities that mainly focus on automating these applications, which enables them to capture, analyze and store data as humans. When these redundant tasks are automated, engineers can engage themselves in activities that need more insight, intelligence and reasoning. Hence, any large volume, rules-driven and repeated processes need RPA.

Consider for instance, when a firm wants to extend its territory by starting a new unit, then the size of data and workload also increases. The workload comprises several repeated tasks that have to be performed on a regular basis. When things are manual, then the company has to employ many employees and allot resources to maintain and handle these repeated tasks. Here comes the need for RPA, where everything comes under control with the deployment of a few new robots at the new unit. RPA Training in Velachery at FITA Academy, guides and assists you to begin your career in RPA.

Tasks usually done by RPA Robot

Log on to different applications 
Move files
Copy and paste data 
Forms filling
Extract structured and semi-structured data from documents
Basic database operations(read and write)
Open emails and downloads attachments
Make calculations

Benefits of RPA

Better Accuracy

Compared to humans, these RPA robots are less prone to mistakes. Once they are programmed to follow a certain rule, they work and deliver results with a greater accuracy.

Improved compliance

The RPA robots are completely monitored and the owners will have full control over it. It can be updated regularly, with the updations in regulations and standards.

Faster implementation

RPA processes everything faster than humans with minimal mistakes. This saves the time and effort of engineers and helps them in concentrating more on tasks that really need higher intelligence and reasoning.

Features of RPA

Rich Analytical Suite

RPA software provides a rich analytical suite, which has greater efficiency in analyzing a huge amount of data effectively. The comprehensive analysis made by this not only supports in tracking issues but also effectively helps in streamlining future processes. 


If an organization uses the RPA system, then there will be a number of users demanding for its access. When access is shared among many, then it is very essential to provide strong security features. Knowing this, RPA comes with strong and prudent security management essentials. It provides role-based security with specific actions permitted for every role.

Simple Bot Creation Interface

Bots are created quickly without any effort using in-built components for screen recording. Most of the RPA products include options for creating and editing bots manually with the help of Task Editor.

Deployment Option

The RPA supports deployment options across terminals, virtual machines and cloud. Among the above options, the cloud deployment is highly attracted for its scalability and flexibility. As an added advantage, the RPA system also enables the automatic deployment of hundreds of robots in groups.

Exception Handling

RPA supports rules-based exception handling. When a robot reports about an exception, then

The server redirects the process to another bot and also removes the first bot for retry.
If the retry is successful, then the reassignment is maintained and the server raises a level two alert in order to report exception and resolution.
In case, if the retry is not successful, then it stops the second bot and raises the first-level alert to report exceptions and failed resolution.

RPA Blue Prism

RPA Blue Prism is a tool which has the ability to provide a virtual workforce supported by software robots. In this RPA Training in Velachery at FITA Academy, you will be taught with all the essential concepts of the well-known RPA tool, Blue Prism and learn how to use it for automation.


UiPath is an RPA tool that is being used for automating Windows desktop. It eliminates human intervention in redundant tasks by automating it. UiPath is the widely used RPA tool and it can be learned easily without any programming knowledge.

RPA Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a popular vendor of RPA that offers powerful capabilities in order to automate complex tasks and uses a Control Room for running these Automated Tasks.It is also considered to be a "Revolutionary Technology" since it makes a difference in enterprise operations.

Syllabus of RPA Course in Velachery

Introduction to RPA
RPA Tools in the Market
Overview of UiPath
File Handling Knowing about Blue Prism 
Blue Prism Architecture and Modules
Creating and Naming Process
Learning the Process Flow
Exceptional Handling and Case Management
Data Scraping
Work on Projects.

Trainer Profile

Trainers at FITA Academy are 12+ years of experienced working professionals in RPA.
In the RPA Training in Velachery at FITA Academy, the trainers follow a blended learning approach.
Trainers have hands-on experience and are able to train the students with RPA tools effectively.
Trainers provide individual attention to every student and solve their doubts.
Trainers assists the students in resume preparation and conducts mock-interview sessions to boost their self-confidence.

Job Opportunities After Completing RPA Course in Velachery

Career Prospects of RPA

Most of the companies started using RPA technology with an aim to achieve better revenue. Hence, the job opportunities for candidates with RPA knowledge is also growing day by day. Organizations that Hire RPA Certified Candidates are as follows, 

Symphony Ventures
Tech Mahindra

Roles Offered

Following are some of the roles offered for RPA certified candidates,

RPA Developer
Solution Consultant
Business Analyst
Process Designer
Automation Architect

Remuneration Offered

Candidates with 0-2 years of experience earn up to Rs. 4,00,000 lakhs per annum.
Candidates of 3-6 years experience may earn at the range of Rs.5,00,000 to Rs. 8,00,000 per annum.
Experienced candidates with 7-10 years experience can earn more than Rs. 9,00,000 per annum.

Join the RPA Training in Velachery at FITA Academy and learn the entire course under professional trainers with certification.

RPA Certification Training in Velachery

RPA certification will be provided after the successful completion of the course.Certification improves your chance of getting selected in an interview. Being trained at FITA Academy and getting certified in RPA has a greater positive impact on your professional career.

RPA Training in Velachery

There are various certifications available in the field of RPA. If you learn Blue Prism RPA at FITA Academy, then it is good to take up Blue Prism certification or else if you are learning UIPath RPA, then UIPath certification suits you better. Hence with respect to your interests and career you are free to choose any certification programme from RPA Training in Velachery at FITA Academy.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • We provide a blend of academic knowledge and practical sessions.
  • Well equipped with smart classrooms .
  • FITA Academy offers flexible batch timings for the students and can customize the time scheduling as per their need.
  • FITA Academy is actively running in the training field for more than a decade.
  • It covers the course content syllabus with 60+ hours of training.

Trainers are the certified experts who are working in the top MNC companies. They provide complete subject knowledge and real time projects in the training.

  • FITA Academy has an active placement cell for the students.
  • FITA Academy supports 100% placement assistance to the students.
  • Trainers at FITA Academy provide necessary interview tips and help in resume building.

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