Different Versions Of Tally

Introduction to Tally

  • It is an Enterprise Resource Planning accounting software program that is employed to store the daily data of an organization. The current version is Tally ERP 9.
  • It is most of the prominent commercial accounting software programs utilized more over the world. For startup and intermediate companies, the tally ERP 9 is the perfect business GST software with an excellent mixture of function, control, and inherent custom-built. To learn about the basics to advanced level of software, the Tally Course in Chennai is the ideal choice for the learners to get immense training.
  • Tally ERP 9 can able to combine with other enterprise applications like Inventory management(SAP), Finance Department, Sales sector(CRM), Payroll systems, Purchasing activities, etc. 
  • This software is employed for saving all the company transactions invoices in detail. Calculations were made to be simple with the help of tally software. Now Tally plays an important role in all business sectors.
  • Startup companies believe that Tally erp9 software brings out effective company transactions, gives accuracy, and reduces time-consuming. Manual account calculation always takes more time in order to reduce the time consuming, tally software was used.
  • Tally helps to reduce the occurring error in finance activities. if anyone doesn’t much more familiar with tally software, it has an inbuilt self-explanatory tutorial that will help the newbies to learn about the software easily. Other than that, the Online Tally Course offers new tutorial videos, it will make you an expert at where you are.
  •  It is cost-efficient software. In addition, It also assures precision in company management. It allows the digital representation of invoices and signs. These are a general introduction to tally.

Different Versions of Tally

The basic versions of Tally 4.5 was launched in 1990. It was based on Microsoft DOS.

In 1996, the second version of Tally 5.4 was launched. This version was based on the graphic interface version.

 In 2001. was the third version of Tally 6.3 was launched. it was based on the windows. It helps printing and implementation with VAT.

In 2005, the next version of Tally 7.2 was launched. It has come out with additional features of the Statutory flattering version and VAT rules.

The following versions of Tally is Tally 8.1. It was constructed with additional data structures such as Point of Sale and Payroll systems.

In 2006, Tally 9 was launched. This version was delivered because of bugs and errors. Tally 9 comprises excellent features. some of the features are TDS, E-TDS filling, etc.

Tally ERP 9 is the current versions of tally, launched in 2009. It includes amazing features for a startup to large companies. In addition, it has a Goods & Services Tax feature.


Here we have discussed, basic introduction to tally, and different versions of tally. To gain more knowledge in tally software, step into FITA Academy for the best Tally Training in Coimbatore under the guidance of certified experts.

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