Easy Development of Web Application

Dot Net is widely applicable for developing applications. It can be installed in Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems. The Dot Net platform has an Asp.Net technology, by using this technology you can build data-driven and dynamic applications. It offers advanced UI elements and also enables Microsoft Azure to deploy any sort of application.

Multi-Language support

One of the main features of the Dot Net is that it can support multi-languages. In Dot Net, there are four languages, they are C#, Managed C++, Visual Basic.Net, and J Script NET. If you are strong enough in C++, you can easily learn the Dot Net. The syntax for every language varies accordingly.

Automatic Memory Management

When it comes to memory management, the main reason for any system application is memory leakage. The great benefit of using the Dot Net is it can manage the memory on its own. The unused objects are taken by the garbage collector and this process is done at relevant intervals.

OOPS Support

OOPS-Object-Oriented Programming Language and the Dot Net is fully supported by the Object-Oriented environment. So it makes the developers write the code simply and easily. Dot Net  Training in Velachery at FITA trains the students with important concepts and algorithms used in the Dot net.


Using the Asp.Net the Dot Net offers developed application security as web applications. The Dot Net has both Windows configuration and confirmation. CLR and Managed code offer protection features such as code access security and role-based security.

Quick formation

The Dot NET framework allows the simple and fast formation of applications. Dot Net applications can be deployed on any of the Microsoft servers easily. To deploy the application much quicker, it facilitates one-time setup creation.

Common Language Runtime

It supports the features and benefits of the common language runtime, a run-time environment that manages the execution of code and provides services that simplify the development process.

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