IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. It is the test conducted to examine your English proficiency based on four key skills are Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading. Learn all these essential skills proficiently by joining IELTS Coaching in Velachery at FITA to clear the IELTS exam.  In this blog, we have mentioned some of the tips to clear the IELTS exam easily. Below are the tips to clear the IELTS exam.

Study Vocabulary

English learners should use proper vocabulary as much as possible. You can make it into practice by reading regularly. The number of words you come across, the more your vocabulary would be growing. While reading, make a mark on the new words with a marker as you might not know the meaning of the word. Try to find out the meanings of the marked words by referring to any supporting context or dictionary. Listen to English news channels or programs to get exposed to many new words. Once you learn a set of new words, try to practice using it in your sentences.

Exercise Constant Reading 

 Practice reading English newspapers, magazines, articles daily. When you come across new words, find out the meaning of those new words and try to use those words in your vocabulary.

Enhance your writing skills

To develop your writing skills, practice timed writing to enhance your speed. Do not spend more time on the same topic, make use of the given time wisely by scheduling it on your own phase. Make a plan before you start and after completing your writing, go through your writing for editing and correct the mistakes.

Develop fluency and pronunciation

In the IELTS Exam speaking test is split into three areas, they are Structured interview, free interview, and a brief talk. You will be given some time for talking in English to test your fluency and pronunciation. Some of the given tips will help to improve your speaking part to clear the exam.

To succeed, it needs consistent practice. To get the fluency practice to talk continuously in flow with the topic. Talk louder to hear your pronunciation and often record your speech on different topics as much as you can.

For better pronunciation, listening to English conversations, radio, films, etc. will be much helpful. Repeat the phrases parallelly with the speaker in recordings to improve your English pronunciation.

Practice your listening skills

One can improve their English by listening to their recordings and highlight the important expressions. Pay concentration while you are listening to the news or any sort of English audio to catch the exact essence and also learn the style, sound, and pronunciation of the language.

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