Top 5 Best Programming languages for Mobile App Development

Presently smartphones are one of the essential purposes of our daily lives. The smartphone is used to gather information, create connections, and also make the play! Designing the apps for smartphones is also fun. It needs only a little knowledge in choosing the exact best language for app development. Join Mobile app development courses in Chennai. Gain more knowledge about mobile app development and the programming used for that. Here in this blog, we described the Top 5 Best Programming languages for Mobile App Development

What language to prefer!!

The Java Programming language is the official language for Mobile App Developing. Many other languages are used. Top 5 languages that help to create Mobile Apps.


Java was the first official best language for Android App development. Java is the most used language for almost all apps, and it is also an approved language by Google. In case of any problem, the Java Programming language has good help in an online community.   

For beginners, Java is the convoluted language to use. It has multiple complicated topics like a null pointer limitation, constructor, checked exception, etc. 


Presently Kotlin programming language is the most standard and currently preferable language for Mobile App Development. Kotlin Programming language is a cross-platform language. It is the alternate language to Java, and it can work on Java Virtual Machine. The difference is that the Kotlin language separates one of the features of Java-like null pointer exceptions. It also eliminated the semicolon that is used at the end of each row. Kotlin is easier for beginners, and it is also the entryway for Mobile App Development. 


C++ is one of the best Android App Development languages. The App cannot be designed only by NDK kit and C++. It is applied to complete parts of the app in the native code. While C++ can be used for Android App Development, it is hard to set up and is less flexible. Because of more complexity, it leads to more errors.   


Python is also one of the languages used for Android App Development. Android doesn’t support native Python development. It is done by applying different tools that can transform the Python apps into Android packages it can run on Android methods.      


C# is similar to Java, and it is perfect for Android App Development. C# also executes the refuse collections like Java, so there are only less possibilities of memory loss. C# has easier syntax than Java, it can make coding almost easier.      

These are the best official mobile app development languages. Make the exact choice of programming languages based on your purposes and decisions for every project. Join the Mobile app development course online at your home desk and learn more about Mobile app development. 

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