JMeter Training

What is JMeter?

JMeter is a software testing tool to measure the performance of web applications. it performs various software testing such as performance testing, load testing, stress testing, functional test, database server test, and regression test. FTP applications also can be tested using JMeter. JMeter Training in Chennai will provide training in various software testing.

How JMeter Works?

JMeter conveys the group of requests to the particular database and generates the reports based on the performance and functional tests of the applications. A statistics in the form of table, charts. 

Why JMeter?

Most of the developers move on JMeter instead of Load Runner. Because JMeter is a completely open-source and friendly GUI. Programmers can easily understand the JMeter parameters, scripting. Adding new elements in JMeter is easier than other performance testing software.

Main Advantages of JMeter

Friendly GUI: Friendly graphical user interface will lead to ease to use and free of cost. Therefore user-friendly GUI provides the path for developers to familiarize themselves with the JMeter tool.

Open-Source: Open source is one of the important features in JMeter because the developer can use source code for development purposes. they can implement their ideas in the source code, customized code can be distributed for commercial purposes.

Platform Independent: JMeter is completely developed with Java scripts so it can support various workstations like Linux, windows, and mac.

Multithreading framework: Fast test plan building, permits simultaneous sampling by various threads and different functions of concurrent sampling by separate threads, etc.

Support mutiple protocal: 

Apart from web application testing, JMeter supports various protocols such as HTTP, JMS, FTP, etc, and also evaluated the database server performance.

Script Test: For automation purposes, JMeter test scripts can be integrated with selenium to increase the quality of testing. selenium automates the integrated test scripts through a web driver.

Highly extensible: JMeter permits developer to create own test scripts, source code modification, allows plugins of visualization. So testing will be extended.


In this blog, we were discussing what is JMeter? How it is work? Why developers prefer JMeter for performance and functional testing and advantages of the tool. JMeter Certification will let you master in JMeter tool. JMeter Online Training offers more tutorial videos and Concepts modules, it would be useful for beginners to understand the technical concepts quickly.

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