Here in This Blog, we Described the Object Repository in QTP. Object Repository is a set of information and test objects, which is recognized by OTP for working on it. When the user can capture the test, the objects of the properties can be recorded by default.

Characteristics of QTP such as smarts identification, object repository, object identification. Join QTP Training in Chennai, at FITA Academy to become an expert QTP Framework.

The Working of Object Identification QTP?

  • HP QTP uses Humans for object identification.
  • During Record, Time QTP attempts to determine the features of a GUI article on which service is completed.
  • The stored objects and their collection is called TEST Object.
  • During Run-Time, The UFT people can combine the features of the object features with unique features of the blog which is available on the screen and it uniquely recognizes an object independent of its location on the screen.
  • Under test, the article is reasonable on the application is called Run-Time Object.
  • Data about the Test Objects are collected in Object Container
  • This is Quick Tests “Test Object Model”

What are the Types of Object Repository? 

There are 2 Types

  1. Local Object Repository
  2. Shared Object Repository

Local Object Repository

  • Local Object Repository is said to be the default object repository.
  • Local Object Repository is special to activities and it can be applied for special action.
  • When the application is not effective concerning the time the local Object Repository is excellent
  • This cannot be reused.
  • Under test highlight, the object is stored in a repository on the application.
  • Modify, Cut, and also can delete the Objects.

Shared Object Repository

  • A Shared or Global Object Repository is excellent when an application is powerful and object information change frequently.
  • Among these two Object repositories, the shared object repository is the most commonly used in automation projects.
  • It has maintenance and management expenses connected to the limited purpose repository.

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