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The key feature of Informatica is data integration. It supports fetching data from different heterogeneous systems and transfers the data into other business processes and users. With the support of Informatica, it integrates the data from different database servers such as Oracle and SQL servers to help the organization access and transform the data. Informatica Training in Chennai provides complete technical knowledge of data integration using Informatica.

Informatica promotes the Business Integration Competency Center (ICC) actions by serving as the foundation for synchronization, data warehousing, data movement, consolidation, and metadata administration.

Key Benefits of Informatica

With the support of Informatica, you can

  • Facilitate design, collaboration and reuse to reduce developers’ time for results – Unique metadata management helps increase efficiency to meet changing market needs.
  • Integrate data to provide business users with complete access to enterprise data – data detailed, accurate, and timely.
  • Measure and respond to business needs for information – Provide data in a secure, scalable environment that provides instant data access to all different sources
Some of the features of Informatica


Informatica ensures security through complete user authentication, privacy control, and secure transport of your data.

Display interface:

Communication is an easy-to-use tool with a simple visual interface for designing an integration.


Informatica can communicate with a wide range of data sources and effectively move large amounts of data between them.

Developer productivity:

Informatica simplifies design processes by making it easier to search and profile data, reuse materials across teams and projects, and optimize metadata.

Enterprise-level data integration:

Informatica ensures the accuracy of data through a single environment for data conversion, specification, synchronization, cleaning, and rearrangement of data and management of metadata.

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Informatica Components

Informatica Domain

The domain is the primary unit that manages the management and controls the processes in the Informatica domain and includes nodes and services connected with each node.


Nodes are physics machines. To increase the huge availability in Informatica, a single node or multiple nodes can be used.

Server Components

Informatica tool consists of mainly 2 services

  • Repository Service
  • Integration Service

Repository Service

The repository service is used to maintain the Informatica metadata and to manage the connections between the Informatica repository and the client tools. Metadata is data about data that contains details

  • Source definition
  • Target definition
  • Change details
  • Session details with details on when to implement transformations.
  • Link details.

Integration Service

The integration service comes into the picture when we run the transformation.

  • The integration service is responsible for moving data from source to destination. It retrieves connection details from the repository and moves the data accordingly.
  • Responsible for planning workflows and sessions.

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