Different Types of Oracle Database Users

Oracle Database

Oracle Database is a flexible and strong platform that can easily and efficiently manage all of a company’s demands while also providing data integration and smooth data integration.

Types of Oracle Database Users

  1. Application Developers
  2. DBA Administrators
  3. Network Administrators
  4. Application Administrators
  5. Database users.

Application Developers 

In this section, we will identify various tasks related to database applications, development, and design. Some of their responsibilities are listed below:

  • The database application’s design
  • Creating a database schema for a software application
  • Identifying an application’s storage requirements
  • Decisions about an application’s security measures

DBA Administrators – 

It has an important responsibility for each project. They can work alone, or we can establish a group of such professionals who share duties. Some of the most typical responsibilities of a database administrator include:

  • Creating basic database storage structures and systems
  • Upgrading this server after installing the Oracle DBA server
  • Modifying the structure of the database
  • Enrolling users and maintaining a high level of overall system security
  • Controlling and granting access to that database to each user
  • Tasks involving recovery and backup
  • He must assess the total hardware requirements for each database server.
  • Another task is to expand to more hosts.
  • Improve database performance

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 Network Administrators 

In general, we can identify various types of services for these professionals, the most common which can be to monitor and provide access to Oracle networking services and products.

Database Users 

These experts are responsible for a variety of duties, and they must potentially interface with the database through various apps. They can modify or edit that data, and they can even generate multiple reports from it.

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