The Struts is a structure based upon a certain set of Java technologies like JSP, Servlet, JSTL, and XML, also affords an implementation of MVC design. FITA Academy affords the best Struts Training in Chennai by industry experts. Here in this blog, we describe the core structure of the Struts framework. 

The endowment of Struts sprawls under its original layer model. The Struts can be combined with different Java technologies like Hibernate, JDBC, and Spring. The framework additionally gives validation of the framework in usage mode. 

Core Structure of the Struts framework:

It is an open-source structure acquired by the Apache Software Foundation, and this can be downloaded as an available source of the apache website. 

The Struts was widely classified as Struts 1. X and Struts 2. X. even though Struts 2. X is the follower of Struts 1. X, there is a huge distinction between them. Struts 2. X stands as a work MVC structure because the data wants to be displayed by the user in action. 


  • One of the best features of Struts 2 is its default preferences. Its users don’t want to modify or edit the set of visible default utilities in configuration folders. 
  • Struts manage a pure composition of Object Graph Navigation Language (OGNL) that is widely popular and extra powerful or more flexible than JSTL. 
  • Struts tags produce technique sheet-driven form tags that decrease coding applications and coding form of validations.

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  • User Files
  • Interceptors
  • Server filters
  • Core struts

Struts Plugin:

The struts plugins are managed to enlarge various functions of the Struts framework. Struts plugin is a simple collection of JAR file folders that presents a few predefined extra functionalities to the framework. The plugins are easy to integrate with other plugin applications. 

In recent days, plugins have become broadly popular and used by more people. There are a lot of plugin features available for users, and each plugin is combined with other java technologies. 


In conclusion, the struts framework is highly maintainable and helps the developers to understand easily. It takes less time to edit or modify its applications by the developers, and it is easy to manage. Join Struts Course in Chennai provides training with 100% placement assistance. 

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