If you need to speak and write properly in English you need to follow the Grammar rules. Spoken English Classes in Chennai trains students and professionals as well to increase their fluency in the English language by teaching them to avoid the common grammar mistakes. Here are some of the commonly used Grammar mistakes to avoid.

Confusing ‘Who’ and ‘Whom’

There is always confusion between these two words ‘Who’ and ‘Whom’. An easy solution to figure out where to use the words appropriately is:

‘Who’ can be used as a replacement of “He”, “She”, or another noun.

  • The girl helped her friend to get to the hospital who is suffering from severe fever.

‘Whom’ can be used as a replacement for “Her” or “Him”.

  • Jack is the man whom I went fishing with last spring.

Mixing Up with  ‘Which’ and ‘That’

It is quite difficult to figure out the use of the words ‘Which’ and ‘That’.

  •  I like that dress which is red.

Confusion between ‘Fewer’ and ‘Less

“Fewer” is used for things which can be counted

I want fewer clothes this year.

“Less” is used for something uncountable.

  •  You should add less sugar in your coffee.

The difference between Its or It’s

Its is the possessive form of the pronoun ‘it’.

  • The tree sheds its leaves.

It’s is a contraction of it is.

  • It’s is a beautiful Palace.

Using Your or You’re

Your is possessive.

  • You should drive your car.

You’re is a contraction of you are.

  • You’re looking gorgeous today.

Among or Between

Between is used when talking about two or more things.

  • There is a small gap between the two books.

Among is used that is being a part of a group.

  • There are some sheep among the goats.

Then or Than

Then shows an action that has a place in time.

  • Go straight, then take a left.

Than is used to show a comparison.

  • Meera scores higher rank than Sheeba in their annual exam.

To or Too

To is usually used in front of a verb or noun and means a direction or action to go to something.

  • I need to get into the office before noon.

Too is used to denote ‘also’ or ‘Excessive’.

  • She is feeling too lazy.

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