Graphic Design is the art with purpose which involves a systematic plan to achieve certain objectives and graphic design is to communicate an effective message in the design of websites, logos, graphics, brochures, newsletters, posters, signs, and any other type of visual communication. Designers achieve their goals by combining the elements and principles of graphic design. Graphic Design Courses in Chennai at FITA Academy trains the students with important concepts in Graphic Design and its components. Mentioned below are some of the basic elements of Graphic Design.


Lines are the basic elements of graphic design. The lines have different types such as thick, thin, curved, straight, non-solid, and solid. These lines can create different visual effects. It can be used to join two points or to focus the audience’s eyes on an element. Every line has a separate representation, they are bold lines used to grasp attention with its visual power, the jagged line denotes emotion, whereas, a thin line represents going the other way. Enroll into Graphic Designing Training Online to explore.


Shapes are the second fundamental element for graphic design. The set of lines that are combined to form a shape. These shapes are the basic geometric symbols such as circles, squares, and triangles. They can also be dingbats, icons, and symbols. These shapes are used by graphic designers in borders and boxes.


The texture is created with some graphic methods to draw the audience’s attention to an element. It enhances the whole visual appearance which comprises images, texts, and other elements. Texture styles include concrete, fabric, brick, stone, paper and smooth colors. 


Color is the most important element for designing and it gives a more effective impact at a first sight. It is used to draw the attention of the people, and also increases emotion and mood. For example, the red color denotes strength, passion, or anger. Whereas the blue color represents peace, security, and professionalism. Become a Graphic Designer with Online Graphic Design course support.


The size of an element is an indication of graphic design importance. If the size is larger, it indicates it is the most important information and it draws the people’s attention first.

The ‘White Space” is called a negative space that is highly used for making reading the text easy for the human eye.

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