Microsoft Azure Training

Azure history

               Microsoft started to expose its cloud computing products in the twenty-first century. Microsoft Aure first appeared in the name of Windows Azure in 2008. For some period Azure has undergone multiple testing and programming. The standard version of Azure comes into the existence in early 2010. This program support languages, frameworks, and operating systems.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

                    Microsoft Azure comes under Microsoft’s public cloud computing platforms. It offers a broad section of cloud services. Computing programs, analytics, networking, and storage are its sections. Users can pick any service in this public cloud to improve their application level.

              The Azure platform plays a wide role in the businesses sector. It manages problematic scenarios and meets the organizational goals. It offers tools that support all business products such as e-commerce, finance, and bank sectors and is used in multiple fields. It is easily usable with open-source technologies. This provides flexibility to users with their preferred tools and technologies. Altogether Azure offers multiple cloud computing programs, they are 

  • platform as a service (PaaS)
  • infrastructure as a service (IaaS) 
  • software as a service (SaaS) 

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How does Microsoft Azure work?

             Let’s see how azure works, once you enter into Azure, you have all access to all the services in the Azure portal. As a user, you can utilize these services to design your cloud-based devices, like virtual machines (VM) and databases.

               Microsoft also offers an Azure portal to en number of third-party vendors. It directly avails software through Azure. Microsoft Azure provides several customer support options to the users, they are 1. Basic, 2. Professional Direct, 3. Standard, 4. Developer. This is the big advantage of Microsoft Azure. Azure Training In Bangalore teaches the recent concepts of Azure. Which helps the students to crack the problem easily.

How is Microsoft Azure used?

                Microsoft Azure consists of different characteristics features, that are used in multiple fields. Azure is the most used cloud services programming software. Working virtual machines or cloud computing is the most popular use for Microsoft Azure. This computing program can supports with infrastructure components, domain name services, windows server services, and internet information services. Microsoft greatly helps and is widely used in third-party operating systems. In that option, it’s more work like Linux.    


        Azure is a platform that is used for databases in the cloud. Altogether Microsoft gives serverless or non-server databases. They are Azure SQL and NoSQL (non-relational databases). Azure Online Training at FITA Academy provides world-class coaching to the candidates so you can learn Azure, with real-time coachers by one click.

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